Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dill's Winter Program

We went to Dill's winter concert tonight. It is so cute what the music teacher could get the kids to do. Clapping their hands, waving their arms, spinning around on the risers in different directions. It really was a nice little show. Its great to go to these thing too. There were about 100 kids in the program and probably over 200 people in the audience watching. It was weird thinking that in 11 more years these kids would be graduating with Dill. The class of 2020. It sounds far off, but I think it will be here very quickly.

Pepper joined her schools Biggest Loser Contest. She is looking at all the labels on our food to decide which things are now edible (meaning worth their points). She is depressed about how fattening her beloved Carmel Lattes are. Our evening ice cream is now being replaced with popcorn and we've probably seen our last pizza for awhile. I am actually glad we are revamping things... it is time to get more serious about being healthy. I guess I should eat better so I can keep up with the walking club. They keep upping the number of laps we are doing... I am pretty sure they don't really like me and are trying to kill me!! They try to trick me by not saying how many laps we are on and chatting to keep me distracted... but I am on to them!! :)

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