Thursday, May 6, 2010

Family Science Night

Last week Pete and Macy’s middle school had a science fair. Both kids told us that it was a really special event and they really wanted their ‘whole’ family to attend. On the day of the event, Pete asked if he could invite Dad B and Dad D, and said he wondered if Aunt L would come if she wasn’t busy. Macy mentioned one evening at dinner that she might see if Nana and Grandpa would come if she called them and asked them. They both wanted to know if Pepper and Dori and I could make it there and even checked the family schedule/calendar to make sure it accommodated the event.

So much interest in our attendance made me wonder what projects my children had entered in the science fair. I asked, “So what will your projects be this year?” I had not noticed any unusual mold experiments in the refrigerator (besides the normal out of date sour cream and leftover veggies). I did not even recall a request for poster board (although on many occasions the request for this came on the evening just before the due date… usually as the stores are about to close) so my curiosity was piqued.

“We did not do any,” Macy said shrugging her shoulders, “it isn’t that kind of science fair.” Hmmm… OK, weird. I’ll bite….. “What kind of science fair is it?” The kids explained that it was local businesses and places that did “science stuff” that would have displays and the students and families were supposed to just wander around and look. I thought it sounded interesting but still could not figure out the huge appeal. “What do you want us all to see?” I asked, thinking our neighbors had discovered the cure for the common cold or an area business had identified a new scientific element. Both kids said they had no idea what there even was to see. “Then why are we going?!” I asked exasperated.

Pete explained that the science classes were giving extra credit points for everyone that the students brought. Now, after having gone, I thought the fair was actually very interesting. There were race cars to sit in and bee hive honeycomb to touch. There was a computer expo with all kinds of new software to try out. I saw many types of bugs and plants, both beneficial and harmful to farmers. The kids loved to get to milk cows and pet baby goats. What I do not understand though, is that even with our large family all in attendance AND the donation of several boxes of tissues earlier in the school year (also for several extra credit points)… how can Pete still only be getting a “C” in the class?!! ☺

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