Friday, May 7, 2010

More from kindergarten registration….

I love the funny things kids say sometimes. There is another part of my speech and language screening that asks the child to explain how two items are either the same or different…. 98% of the kids either give the same answers to these questions or say they don’t know the answer, but every once in awhile I get a zinger-- answers that are very unusual! We still have another week to go to register next years kindergarteners, but these are my favorites so far---

Me: How are a bird and a dog different?

Usual answer: Bird: wings, dog: legs/fur.

My favorite: A Bird has tail feathers and a dog has a furry butt.

Me: How are milk and juice the same?

Usual answer: They are both drinks.

My favorite: You brush your teeth with them. (This one was from a child that had no top or bottom front teeth)

Me: How are an apple and banana different?

Usual answer: apple: red, banana: yellow

My Favorite: “Well, apples are circles and banana’s are……………. Happy faces!”

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