Sunday, May 9, 2010

Role Reversal

When we travel… even short trips, I usually drive. Pepper sits in the passenger seat. Just like the kids have their “assigned” seats, we always sit in the same spots. Today, Pepper drove to Nana’s house for Mother’s Day and I rode ‘shotgun’. I do not know who it was worse for. Me having to juggle the Sunday paper, Pepper’s current mystery novel, the dog leash and 2 camera’s in my lap and assorted beverages and bags at my feet or Pepper who started stressing about the round-about they put in 1 mile from Pepper’s parents house the moment she started driving. Holding the paper and book was useless since reading in the car makes me carsick. We exchanged our usual quick run through Micky Dee’s or a gas station quickie mart for healthier snacks… tangerines and pretzels. Great idea until I remembered that the Mom not driving got to pass out the treats (and peel the oranges!) Next, we went to get gas. This is usually my job… Pepper pulled in VERY close to the pump. I could barely get the debit card into the slot and pull the nozzle out. It was obvious she needs more practice getting the gas! On most trips it is Pepper that keeps the kids happy… radio louder or softer, heat higher or lower. Are we almost there? Can we stop for the bathroom? Then there are also all the greeting cards the kids each need to sign. Which means I needed to find a (working) pen for everyone to write with. I have no idea why we always wait until the last minute to get them taken care of… but we do!! So there I was holding the greeting cards, the newspaper, the book, the dog leash… with a very hyper dog attached to the other end, the orange peels and the half eaten pretzel bag searching through both purses looking for a pen. Meanwhile, glancing at Pepper I can tell by the look on her face that she is still thinking about the traffic she will have to deal with in the round-about.

Well, Pepper did great on the round-about and the cards were all signed and the radio was turned up and down as requested. I did fine with my new role, but I can tell you, I was nowhere near as good at dealing with the kids wants and needs as Pepper! We had a great time at Nana’s and at Nana Rose’s.

I drove home, Pepper was in her usual seat…. It was much more comfortable for both of us. It is funny how easy the other person's job looks until we trade….

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