Monday, April 25, 2011

Career Choices

At breakfast today, Dill was talking to me about what he wanted to be when he grew up. He mentioned 4 career choices. I’ve been thinking about his choices all day.

So the 4 are…. Doctor, teacher, police officer or Masseur.

Since we were also working on his math homework while we ate breakfast, I was disappointed that he didn’t choose something in the computer sciences because he is very quick with the math knowledge…. Except fractions, which he does not seem to like.

I suppose doctors need quite a bit of math….. figuring out prescriptions and having to use a 24 hour clock because of long rotations and such. A friend just told me recently that her son (starting medical school) will owe about $40-50,000 per year for his 8 year program….. those are some big numbers!!!

I sometimes feel bad for doctors, I think they make pretty good money (once student loans are finally paid off) but the hours are hard, the training is long and with medical insurance as topsy-turvy as it is…. It sounds challenging.

Teachers and police officer positions are not what they used to be. Neither of them are paid enough for the hazards they encounter on a day to day basis. Jobs are harder to come by and the competition is huge. The respect and admiration for both of these careers isn’t what it should be for as important as those roles are. I think it is admirable that Dill considered these jobs but I think he could do better.

That leaves Massage therapy. I actually did some research on it tonight. Some of the training is in an online course format. (Dill would love that!) Most programs take a year or so to complete and the salary range is $28,200-62,500. That is not bad! They mostly make their own hours and all the pictures of the massage therapists on the website ads I checked out tonight looked very healthy and tan.

I guess since Dill is only in the third grade, he still has time to change his mind. But I think one of the requirements for a massage therapy license should be that they have to promise lifetime massages for their mothers…. Especially if those mothers are doctors, police officers or teachers. ☺

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  1. I'm liking those options! :) But he's got time to change his mind or work out the semantics. When I was in 3rd grade, I wanted to be a teacher, a pastor and an interior decorator. (Because teachers only work M-F and pastors only work Sundays, obviously. And I could be an interior decorator over the summers...) Now with 5 years of working multiple jobs behind me, I think I'll pick one. :)

    Dill has a while to work out the practicalities of it all.