Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Best Blonde Moment of my life...

A few recent events have reminded me about my best "blonde" moment. Since it happened as I was completing my Master's degree it was not a question of a lack of IQ points. I am a fairly intelligent person~ but this was not a good example of that!

I had just completed all of the coursework for my Master's degree, passed the national exam, presented my thesis to my professor's and then spoke in front of my state's speech therapy conference held that year. I was ready to start my career. It was the early '90's... there were lots of jobs out there and I was ready to rake in the offers and decide which direction my life would head.

I finished my resume and read it over many times to make sure the wording was perfect. I had a fantastic cover latter, personalized for school or hospital or facility, highlighting as many of the wonderful accomplishments I could cram into it about my first 23 years of life.

I researched (back then it was not just a Google click to get to open "help wanted" positions) and checked the school bulletin board that listed available jobs. I copied down all the names and addresses from the board of all the jobs I might be interested in.

I sent out over 40 resumes. In my mind, it was like throwing a baited hook into a well-stocked pond. I just needed to be patient and reel in all my options....

Two weeks later~ nothing. Damn mail, I thought. How long could it take to deliver my letters? I even dropped them off at the post office. I started worrying. My classmates were reporting many offers, they were getting very excited.

Three weeks later~ still nothing. OMG! Why don't they want me?!! My classmates had accepted positions. I had not heard ANYTHING! I did what any rationale person in my situation would do... I called my Mom. She told me not to worry. She suggested I come home for a visit.

Four weeks later~ still NOTHING! I am at home and my Mom asks to see my resume. (I think she was worried that instead of typing "certified" I typed "certifiable"or something!)

Remember I said I checked my resume's wording? Well, I should have checked my numbers. I put the WRONG phone number on all FORTY resumes!!

Go ahead.... say it, think it. Shake your head in disbelief. There is nothing you can think of that I did not say, feel or think back then.

I had no idea what to do. Should I call all 40 people I sent resume's too and say, "Hello, I put the wrong phone number on the resume I sent you.... wanna hire me?!"

Mom suggested I call the number on the resume and see who answered. Have I ever mentioned that I hate talking on the phone?! I will do it, but I do not like it under the best of circumstances. This was not a good circumstance! I knew I would never recover from this horror. My life was totally over. What a waste. No career. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

So, I called the wrong number. I talked to Olive Johnson when she answered the phone. I said my name and she said, "Oh my! So many people keep calling for you!!" (cha-ching! OK, I felt dumb, but was relieved that people had been calling for me!!)

She was very nice. I explained my situation and she said she would take messages and forward them on to me. I actually think she was one of my best assets. My future boss told me later that Mrs. Johnson was my best reference!!

It all worked out. I am sure I missed out on lots of opportunities that came along before I realized my mistake. But my first job as a speech therapist was fantastic and I will always remember the experience.

I also learned the importance of proof-reading. Do not trust spell check when the "steaks" ;) are high!! :)

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