Sunday, April 3, 2011

April Fools Joke

We are currently snake sitting for Dill's teacher over spring break. Our house is snake rich... with Pete's sand boa "Sandy" and the teacher's two corn snakes "Butter" and "Kernel".

Dori does NOT like all. Now Pepper and I don't love snakes, but we can both appreciate a pet that only needs to eat once a week and is contained in a well-constructed cage. Dill and Pete keep carrying the snakes around the house. Sandy is the smallest... about 2 feet long or so. The corn snakes are closer to 4 feet long each.

We also have a 4th snake in the house. It is rubber and I think one of the boys got it at a dollar store or something. Pete was sitting near Dori holding one of the corn snakes in one hand and the rubber snake in the other. Anyone with brothers.... or knows someone with brothers, knows what happened next. Pete calmly says, "Dori, catch" and hurles the rubber snake into the air. Dori starts screaming and trying to get away from the snake. (I rarely see Dori move so fast!!)

When it lands it is easy to see that it looks nothing like any of the real snakes we have in the house, but in that flash of time that that snake is airborne, it sure seems real. Everyone laughs hysterically at Dori for moving away from the flying snake so fast.... we tell her we're laughing with her not at her. The really funny thing is her brothers have thrown the rubber snake at her two more times since the April Fool's Day joke..... she jumps and screams each time. Today, Dori decided to put the rubber snake in her room so the boys can't throw it at her. I can't wait until she goes to look under her bed for shoe or something and scares the heck out of herself when she sees that snake there!! :)

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