Saturday, June 9, 2012

My Birthday

Today is my birthday! The kids all think I am 29… again. Well they used to believe I was 29. It been getting harder and harder to pull off! (You’d think with 16 years of practice it would get easier!)

So for this blog I thought I’d tell a couple birth stories from my own past. The first was when my parents headed to the hospital to give birth to me. It was around 10:30 PM when Mom’s water broke. So Dad did the whole ‘new Dad thing’ and ran around like a crazy person panicking.  Mom was pretty calm.  They got the suitcase and the stuff Mom had planned to take to the hospital and Dad whisked them out the door. Dad broke a couple speed limits but obeyed all other traffic laws and they reached the hospital in about 20 minutes.  Dad pulled in front of the main door and Mom put her hand on his arm before he could jump out to open her door (They still did that back then). She told him to park the car. He was confused but listened. 

Once they were parked she asked him what time it was. He told her it just after 11:00 PM. She sat back in the car and rested her eyes. Dad was confused. He asked if something was wrong. She had a contraction then told him if they went in before midnight they would be charged for a whole day. She wanted to be close in case there was an emergency, but not go in and be charged for the whole day. Mom and Dad walked into the Maternity ward at 12:09 on June 9th, 1967…. I was born just before 3 AM on the 9th. When they got the bill, Mom made sure there were no charges for June 8th.

I am the oldest in our family and Mom was the youngest child in hers. She did not do much babysitting and was not really ready to be completely in charge of a newborn. It was a big deal when she brought me home from the hospital. She held me the whole way as Dad drove us to the house (no seatbelts or car seats back then). Dad jumped out of the car and ran around to open Mom’s door to help her out. All four of my new Grandparents were watching from the big picture window inside the house. My parents walked proudly up the walk, smiling at my Grandparents as they waved and smiled back from inside the house. Dad opened the screen door for Mom and she walked through the threshold. Unfortunately, she was holding me with my head a little farther out than her arm, so as she went in my head smacked against the door frame. The thump surprised all my grandparents but Mom swore I never even cried. (I was probably stunned!) My Grandma N. decided then and there that she was moving into the house for 2 weeks to help Mom care for me. I still have the dent in my head from the door jam! :) 

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