Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dad- 1958

This is a very old picture! (Probably about 1958) It is my Grandparents- George and Margaret. And their sons: George Jr. (the oldest), Bobby (the youngest) and my Dad- Marty. 

Dad was always a bit of a handful. They lived in Cleveland… about 128th Street, so he was a ‘city boy’ and from what I heard he was a bit of a rabble rouser. Maybe I am biased but I think he is a pretty good-looking guy. I can see why my Mom fell for him. 

By the time this picture was taken he had already dropped out of school and was working in a gas station. An 8th grade education and a low paying job….. just what my other grandparents were looking for in a guy dating my farm-girl mother!

One thing you could say about my Dad though was that he was loyal. If he considered you a friend…. That was for life. He was trusting and always very generous too. At his funeral there were cars and cars and cars in his processional. I have never seen so many people attend a funeral in a snowstorm. Several men argued that they should be Dad’s pallbearers…. It really was overwhelming.

After the funeral and for several years people kept coming up to my Mother and giving her things. Things my Father had loaned out and lots of money. They would knock on the door and say something like, “Hi Sandy! Hope everything is going ok. I just got a bonus at work and remembered that I still owed Marty $200. Here ya go!”

Dad would be 70 this year…. Happy birthday Dad! 

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