Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Kids Today...

Scene: The school nurse was out and a chunky little fellow came into my office saying he needed new underwear. We went into the nurses’ office and found what he needed. He had successfully changed in the bathroom then came out and sat on the nurses’ cot to put on his socks and shoes. Both shoes were on and he just sat there.

Me: Can you tie your own shoes?

Him: Yep.

Me: OK, show me.

Him: Well, I really just look at people until they do it.

Me: Ah… then you CAN’T tie shoes.

Him: (Matter of factly) I can.

(short pause)

Him: (Exasperated and like the details were over my head) My Dad taught me all about the bunny ears around a tree and stuff- but I just wait. And I get somebody else to do it.

We look at each other for a good long minute. He looks happy to sit and hang out, I think about the work I never should have left my office for.

I tied his shoes. I didn’t want to try to outwait him…. He looked like a professional! J

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