Friday, July 6, 2012

The Family Mystery Dinner (in pictures)

The whole family participated in our Mystery Dinner. It was an idea Dad B read about on the internet. Each kid was paired up with a parent and had a part of the meal to make.

Pete and I made an appetizer:
(Noodles through hot dogs with marinara and Jay's special nacho dip)

Dill and Dad D made main dish:

(Pork and Beef stew with vegetables and Purple rice)

Macy and Dad B made sides:

(Broccoli with cashews and Mac and Cheese)

Dori and Pepper made dessert:

 (Mocha Chocolate/Peanut Butter layer cake)

Everyone loved it all.... and we agree we should do this again. (Next time we want to go with themes.... but a great idea!)

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