Monday, July 2, 2012


The kids all love four wheeling. I do not really get it myself. It is dirty and muddy and loud. I have gone a couple times with Jay but am always either stressed that a tree will jump out in front of me or I will get us lost when I drive or am just hanging on for dear life when I ride while she drives. So when they all asked to take turns riding while we were on our trip to Jay’s, I said sure but was happy the kids were old enough that I didn’t have to go with them!

I would expect Lexi to be the best. She knows the trails and has driven this particular 4 wheeler often enough to feel comfortable on it. Maybe… she is just a little too comfortable on it because she and Pete came rounding the corner and Lexi ran right into the flat bed trailer! She knocked it right off its block. She and Pete fixed the trailer as Jay and I were walking over to assess the damage. No one was hurt and nothing was damaged. Jay mentioned to Lexi that she might want to start wearing her glasses while driving if she couldn’t see something as large as a trailer! I was glad she missed my new car which was parked right next to that trailer!! J

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