Monday, July 9, 2012

Staycation- Part 2

Following Friday's Mystery dinner everyone headed to Dad B's Dad and Step Mom's lake house on Saturday. It has been a tradition for years. We go over for an afternoon at the lake.... swimming, jumping off the dock, riding in the pontoon boat, and playing games with the kids. Dad B was in trouble before we even arrived because his step Mom thought we'd be there for lunch but we thought we weren't supposed to get there until 2 or 3 PM! But after that, the day went very well and the evening included some great fireworks.... even with temps for most of the day in the low 100's!

Sunday, we went to the Art Museum after church. We made the mistake of leaving the fun kids at home again and bringing the cranky ones! I thought it was a good idea to introduce a little culture, a little refinement into the staycation. The children did not appreciate my efforts. We saw Piccaso's, Rembrandt's, American Art, European Artifacts, fancy porcelain, amazing silversmithing and famous photography... Pete said, "All these paintings look the same.... all that I see is fancy dressed dead people and old plates"

All the kids whined and asked if they could just go home and play X-box and look up the "art stuff" on Google. Dill spent the day searching and counting the number of naked people he saw. He was fascinated with children's penises and kept asking why they were needed. Pepper explained that without them they were girls!

The guys were not really a big help either. Dad B spent the longest time gazing amazingly at a blank wall from a display that had been removed... apparently appreciating the light grayness of it. We saw a chapel that was painstakingly brought over from France. The information indicated that each brick was numbered and taken apart. Shipped over the USA then re-assembled. It was beautiful.... Dad D saw it and pointing at the mounted holy water receptacle on the wall asked if that was an ancient urinal! So much for introducing any kind of culture at all to this family!

We ended the evening with a trip to Greek Town in Detroit. We had to battle the traffic because a Tiger's Game had just ended but found our way into a great Pizza restaurant and then a bakery. It was a great week overall..... time to head back to work. :)

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