Saturday, March 7, 2009

2 Dads and a movie

Friday night Dad B and Dad D came over. Dad B wanted to see the new movie "Watchmen" and Kiwi, Dori, Pepper and I joined him. Dad D offered to stay at the house with the other kids. He brought DVD's from the library and "Space Pudding" for the kids to make while we were gone. As the 5 of us headed out the door for the movie, Dad D was losing badly to Dill on Wii Tennis. Dad B had pre-purchased the tickets for everyone and we all went in with high hopes for the new movie. The movie was almost 3 hours long and since Pepper and I never read the book, we were not sure what to expect. It definitely had some slow spots but it was not too bad overall. There was some graphic violence, but not more than you would expect for a rated "R" movie. Kiwi and Dori both really thought it was good, Pepper didn't think it was very good at all, Dad B seemed to think it was as good as an 800 page novel could be and the newspaper critic gave it 1.5 stars. Personally, I thought the movie was ok but the popcorn and M&M's I had while watching really made the evening..... gee, I wonder why I am not winning in the Biggest Loser contest!! :)

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  1. Brian wanted to take Noah to see Watchmen, luckily I had talked to you! I don't think he is quite ready for the um..."mature" scenes! :) Sorry I missed you this weekend. I still have a headache. Wanted to post to my blog, but it requires too much thinking, and it hurts, so here's hoping for some time next week!