Saturday, March 14, 2009

50th post

OK.... since i am a teacher let's do the 50th post as a pop quiz....

Let's see how well you remember what you've been reading. There is a prize... so if you are just a gawker and haven't signed up so you can comment on my blog... now is the time!! Let's say 5 questions... 10 bucks. Read over the questions, pick one to answer.... don't pick one that's already been answered in the comments.... that's cheating!!! Write your answer in the comment section and anyone that gets their answer right goes into a drawing for the $10. If more than 5 people respond.... answer the fifth question again... but pick something not already mentioned. Thanks for playing!!!

Question 1... What are the blog names of the kids in my family?

Questions 2... If Kiwi and Boris got hitched, what dowery did Dad B want for the introduction?

Question 3... Who's birthday was on December 23rd?

Question 4.... Name 3 friends that have special Blog names.

Question5.... Tell me something you read that you found interesting.


  1. I am answering question #1
    Kiwi, Macy, Dori, Pete and Dill

    Question #5 My favorite story is still you as an ob/gyn. You are my hero!

  2. awwww..... shucks Megamom, you are so sweet!

    Ok.... anybody else reading, don't make this too easy for my friend here.... join in and challenge her!! Answer a question! :)

  3. In answer to question #2 - a goat.

    Question #5 - loved the story about Dill and Pete "helping" you sweep up the water in the basement.

  4. Thanks Mom... Megamom needed some competition!!

    We have great kids, don't we?!! :)


  5. I'll answer #4 - Skip, Megamaom and Pepper :)

    Favorite story - Dill's morning goodbye ritual. It's adorable

  6. Gee Pepper, If you win the $10 can I just keep it?!!!! LOL!

  7. hey mom,
    ill answer question 3
    it would b my sister Macy

    i really like when u talked about when pepper said " thats wut families do" it is sweet :)

  8. So many answers to my questions.... i'm blushing.... thanks for playing my game!!

    Love to you all!!!