Saturday, March 14, 2009

Snow People part 2...

The snow people in the picture have now come into the house. They have leaked into the basement and are trying to stay! Pepper and I went down into the basement to store things and we both noticed a nice big puddle going through the middle of the room! Pete and Dill came down while I was sweeping the water towards the drain to help. Now, they could have helped by cleaning their room or putting their clothes away, but helping me must have looked more fun. We have everything down there stacked nicely on pallets or in totes, so most of the things were safe from an inch or two of water. The stored things were not safe from our boys though. Their idea of helping was to whip the stagnant water with brooms through the air and onto any surface in the basement. The walls, the insulation, the water heater, lots of camping supplies, furnace filters..... it is so much better to have the water dribbling off every surface rather than just in a puddle in the middle of the room!! At least they were sweet enough to carry the brooms back upstairs for me...... across the living room carpet..... still dripping wet with dirty water!! They did try to help so I didn't get mad.... even when my socks got wet from the water on the kitchen floor (where the kids dropped the brooms!) Some day I am gonna miss my little helpers! :)

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