Thursday, March 26, 2009


When I picked Pete up from school he was very disappointed because his recess was cancelled. It isn't snowing, isn't raining, it isn't too cold.... I couldn't figure it out. Pete said that recess was cancelled because of a fox. I said, "A fox? What does that mean?!" Pete explained that a fox climbed up the ladder of the play structure so none of the kids could go outside because the teachers didn't want the fox to come near the kids. I said I had never heard of recess being cancelled because of an animal. At that point, Dill said he had his recess cancelled a couple weeks ago because of a skunk on his school play structure. Pete added that in the fall his recess was cancelled because a raccoon was wandering around the basketball court!

I had no idea that our schools had so much wild life around the area! I guess it could be worse... who knows what we'd find on the playground if we lived in an urban area! I wonder if I should watch the news every night in case the school is cancelled due to rhinos and crocodiles. :)

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