Tuesday, June 16, 2009

End of the year parties.

I got to attend two “end of the school year” parties this year. One for the school I am no longer going to be at and one for the school I am going to be at next year. They were both very different from each other. For the first, I showed up about 20 minutes after it started and was the very first one to show up. The hostess was a bit nervous that either everyone was lost or people just weren’t going to make it… either way she would end up with A LOT of BBQ chicken and grilled Portobello mushrooms to eat! Once I showed up at least she knew it was the right night. I told her not to worry…. That staff is notorious for getting a late start to parties. I also told her that they were also notorious for getting quite wild and hanging around very late too! For the second party, Pepper and I got there about 15 minutes after it started and things were already in full swing!

For me, the highlight of the first party was the whiskey sours. I did not think I really liked whiskey.. so I only took a half glass… but, dang they were good!! I actually asked the 3rd grade teacher that made them for the recipe! I will post it here so that others can see what they think.


4 (12 oz.) frozen lemonade, undiluted
1 (6 oz.) orange juice, diluted
2 qt. (or liter) gingerale
1 qt. club soda
lots of ice

Mix altogether in punch bowl. Add 1 quart bourbon or white wine. Add orange slices, lemon slices or maraschino cherries for color.

The highlight for me of the second party was how much everyone liked the photo book I made for the hostesses of the prior years gathering. I had one person ask me if I would consider designing books for other people/events, and lots of others telling me how impressive it was. Is that cool or what?!! The desserts at the second party were quite exceptional. There were 6 different kinds (see the picture above for the actual delights!!) all made by Skip. Both parties were very fun and a great way to start our summer vacation! ☺

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  1. Well I have to agree that Skip's party was amazing. Very nice, and great company. Plus, your book was awesome! I pretty much like anything that ends in "sour" Midori sours are yummy... espcially if frozen!