Wednesday, June 24, 2009

High School Memories

OK, yes…. there was: prom…. Driving yourself to school… checking out colleges…. Kissing…. Knowing what things were cool… gaining a lot more independence… but let’s face it, high school sucked. I’m sure boys don’t have it easy either, but being a girl in high school just plain sucked.

Dori is having issues with her friends right now. Girls that we have known since middle school… that we have had over to our house lots of times, taken camping with us, gone to dinner with their families…. these girls we have cheered for in sporting events and music concerts have suddenly decided to ‘un-friend’ the whole family on Facebook (The 21st century equivalent of a slap in the face)!!

I do not think I could do high school again. I am not even talking about finding my way around the building and getting to each class in 3 minutes or less…. Getting my locker combination to work….. using the horrid things they call bathrooms…. Recalling Algebra equations…. Or pop chemistry quizzes. Just dealing with a class of people that feel that the only way to climb up the social ladder is to step on others would be too much for me to re-endure.

The only glimmer of hope I can offer my daughter is what I saw when I went to my 20 year school reunion. The “hot” quarterback was bald and pot-bellied and only talked about ‘the good old days’, the head cheerleader was divorced and drank too much and the class jerk was still just a jerk….but now he’s a jobless jerk. The amazing thing was that a lot of the kids that got picked on by the quarterback and his friends… or just ignored now hold high paying jobs and drive BMW convertibles…. Or like me, they have great families, great jobs, great lives and barely ever even think about those long ago days.

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  1. Mean girls suck. Please give Dori a hug from me. :(