Monday, June 29, 2009


Now that we got an email from Kiwi’s Mom saying that she is back safe and sound in Germany, I have to really appreciate modern technology. We left the airport at about 6 PM on Friday and by the time I woke up on Saturday I had already heard that not only had she arrived home without any problems, but I also knew that her friends threw a surprise party and she was taking a nap! The world is definitely getting smaller!

A new software program I am now going to love is called Skype. It is a video conference program that travels over the internet. So not only do you hear the person you are talking to… you can see them too!! Another thing I found out about it is you can talk to more than one person at a time… so if I knew a whole bunch of people around the world that I wanted to talk to all at once…. Skype can do it! The best thing about it is that it totally FREE!! Well, you need a computer with a video camera and internet access… but that’s it!

This morning we talked to Kiwi for about 20 minutes. She looked good but very tired. Jet lag is a drag! We got to see some of her bedroom… like a huge American flag in the background hanging on her wall. (Plus lots of Harry Potter posters) She told us she hadn’t even started unpacking…. Other than to pull out the poptarts, Hershey’s candy and Lipton iced tea she brought home. The other kids are doing much better. I can tell because they have started bickering with each other again. Pete and Dori giggling in church this morning was a good sign that we are moving back to normalcy around here.

We took off for another camping trip this morning. I am writing this from our RV. It is getting late and it is very quiet. I can hear the whole family breathing steadily as they sleep. It feels like it is going to rain tonight. It will be great to hear the raindrops on the camper roof. I put everything away and tipped our awning… things here are good. All is well. ☺

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  1. How funny that you mention the treasure hunt in your comment! Ricky just asked me about that today. Have fun camping. We'll treasure hunt when you get home! :) Glad to read you are feeling better!