Thursday, June 11, 2009

First Grade Picnic

One of the good things about getting out of school before the kids is it gives Pepper and I a chance to attend some of the activities that go on at the kids schools. Dill had a big first grade picnic. All of the first grades in his school celebrate one day during the last week of school. Parents meet the students in their classroom then take bagged lunches as they all walk to the park together. All the kids have "buddies" so they walk hand in hand with their parents around them. With all their bright colors and sun hats it looks like a parade marching through the middle of town! On the way to the park the children all chatted together nicely and the highlight of the walk was a dead bird we passed on the sidewalk... weird, but we are talking first graders!!

Once we were there the kids had a great time playing on the playground, eating at the picnic tables and running around the whole part chasing each other. The parents milled around and chatted with each other. Two different parents and Dill's teacher came over to us to tell us what a joy he is. They said that Dill was a very smart guy, an excellent friend and very helpful in the classroom. These are all things that Pepper and I knew... but it is so sweet to hear.

The sun was hot and two hours is a long time to spend at the park. Luckily, just about the time the kids and I were all starting to get bored.... a huge red fire truck rolled into the area. The fireman asked the kids if they would like to see the giant water hose squirt the ducks and geese that were in the river... all the kids yelled "Yes!!" and gave their full attention to the man. The fireman spent the next 20 minutes showing the kids everything on the truck and what they were used for.... the kids played excellent attention knowing that the grand finale would be the shooting water. It really was worth the wait.... those ducks and geese flew off fast!!

Dill held our hand on the walk back to school while he chatted with his friends. Kids grow up so fast, I am glad sometimes we get a chance to slow things down a little and just enjoy them. :)

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