Wednesday, June 3, 2009

5K the hard way!

Most 5K races are circles. They start and end in the same place. This one in Ann Arbor was not. It was more of a funky "U" shaped event. Parking was not really fun either. The roads that weren't blocked off for the race were already lined with cars... as were any parking structures in the area. So Pepper and I found a parking place.... finally, in the middle of the race and started walking toward the starting line.... about 2 miles away! We had to actually walk the race path to get to the start. At one point the 10K racers were coming through so we tried to take a "short" cut.... big mistake. Anyone who knows me knows that my direction sense is sooooo bad I should never even be able to say the words!! So, we got lost in a little hidden sub-division with 20 minutes before the start of the race! Another couple were lost too... but together (and with the help of a man pulling out of his driveway) we made it to the starting line with about 4 minutes to spare!! We walked most of the race.... ran a bit when there was lots of congestion.... and right after a 3 1/2 year old passed us!!! We beat our time from the last race we did... and enjoyed the time together. After the race we had to walk a bit over a mile to get back to the car.... that made it almost TWICE the 5K we wanted to do..... good thing we like to walk!!!


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