Friday, July 3, 2009


Ok.... that is not my butt. If it was I probably wouldn't mind the backache and butt-ache I have so much!! It is amazing what pictures you can get off of Google Images!

I do not know what I did, but my back is killing me!! I have been to the chiropractor twice and have another appointment on Monday. I've been icing, heating, rubbing, stretching, resting, walking, sitting, standing.... still painful. I have taken motrin, Advil PM, vicodin and am seriously considering muscle relaxants. Getting out of the passenger side of the car is pure torture!

Pepper has been wonderful... patient with my crabbiness, picking up all the things I drop, getting me drinks and medications... helping me put the ice pack and the heating pad in the right place. Plus she called Dad D and Dad B and had all the kids go to their house for a Monopoly tournament... so it is nice a quiet here. :)

Almost time for more Advil... and some ice cream... :)

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