Thursday, July 16, 2009

Camp Friends

On the way home from our camping trip, Macy asked how little people become little. Pepper and I knew what she was talking about because we had both noticed a family at the campground with several eclectic kids. The parents were in their late 50’s or so, with two daughters that were ‘little’ , two African-American sons and three daughters that were in their teens but seemed VERY street-wise. Macy said that she had spent lots of time with the family while we were camping and they all told her that they were a “made” family. They said that their parents only picked the most special kids to be in it.

Pepper and I kept running into the girls in the bathroom… always doing their hair and make-up…. Early in the morning, in the middle of the day and late into the evening… they looked like they were constantly getting ready for prom! One morning Pepper and I walked in and both smiled at what we both thought was a very young child. When we realized it was a teen… and she did not look amused to be given a “aren’t-you-a-cute-little-girl” grin we discussed that neither of us knew how to respond in the situation. Since we both work with kids with all kinds of special needs all the time we felt comfortable with most people it was an unusual reaction. So when Macy asked about little people we knew why it was on her mind.

She asked if the girl had been sick as a baby or caught a disease. Or if it was something she got from her parents. We told her that we did not think it was an illness or anything her parents did. We compared it to being born with blue eyes or dark skin. We paused for a minute waiting for her to ask another question. She said, “Their names are Rebecca and Sara… I asked them to play basketball. They told me that no one had EVER asked them to play before… probably because they are short. But they were really good. We made a good team. I hope they are there at the camp again when we go back.”

I have great kids!! ☺

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