Wednesday, July 29, 2009

High School Memories part 2

I have blogged about this before but it still amazes me that pretty much everyone survives high school. Looking back and watching many high school kids, I would expect a lot more casualties. I’ve mentioned before that Kiwi did not make the basketball team and Dori was shunned by girls she thought were her friends, but there is a plethora of disappointment that I haven’t hit on that are not uncommon problems.

Dori is a SERIOUSLY dedicated swimmer. She gave up Coke because the coach told her to… she gets up at the butt crack of dawn to be at 5:30 AM practices. She works out until she can’t sit up for dinner because she is so tired. She always stands pool side and cheers for her team mates and really tries to excel. So when she got overlooked as a team captain for this year… it was a tough blow. I have to say, I remember disappointment in high school…. It is NOTHING compared to watching your child go through it.

Skip and Pal are going through a similar situation with their son. He is into hockey. He has been on ice hockey teams since he was little, he shows up for practice with the right attitude, he took private skate lessons to improve his speed, he has always tried very hard. But yesterday, he got cut from his high school team.

Jay is having stress with her high schooler too. He just got a job, a license and a car (actually the ol' family jeep… but he cares for it like it is a brand new sports car right off the lot!!) He got his first paycheck the other day. He called his mom because he thought there must be some mistake… it was a lot less money than he had expected. ‘Tax’ takes on a whole new meaning when you start having to have it deducted from an hourly wage!! On his way home, he was at a left turn light. It turned green, so he went… without seeing a woman trying to “make” the yellow light going straight from the other direction. They collided. His front end was damaged…. His deductible is $500. The police officer that wrote up the report gave both drivers a ticket for reckless driving…. Another $110. That is a lot more than he made in the two weeks he worked!!!

Anyone that tries to sell the idea that high school days are the best years of your life is crazy!! Things get soooo much better after high school! Who would want to ‘top out’ before they are 19 anyway? My high school days were not too bad…. It had horrid moments, but everyone’s does. But since then…. There have been many, many fantastic days… weeks, months and years. Plus there have been moments I will treasure much more than anything high school could ever have been. But still, with all the ways there is in high school to be disappointed, hurt, harmed, horrified, and let down… it really is amazing that most of us do survive! ☺

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  1. I am not looking forward to high school again. Thankfully I can put it off for two more years. You are a good mom, and an awesome mama bear. (Meaning you do anything to protect your cubs not that you are a big mean furball....)