Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Shhh.... I am having an affair

Lots of really good relationships include a little unfaithfulness. Mine is no exception, I guess. Pepper gets upset with me when it is more obvious, like here on our camping trip or whenever my other love is unavailable to me. Since my friends, family and people who know Pepper and I read this blog, I imagine they are probably wide eyed with mouths gaping right now… because I am so open and honest about this character flaw. One of my best traits (in my opinion) is my openness and honesty.

I love pepper and the kids very, very much. I think the fact that I have been here with my family in good times and bad for more than 20 years proves it. But sometimes, that just isn’t enough, ya’know. A little escape is needed…. Some people drink, gamble, carouse, cheat, lie, steal… I’ve even known of a few people that do a lot of those things…. In the same night! Well, I am a wuss. I can’t afford to drink or gamble and I am a crappy liar and my thieving skills, well, lets just say it’s not worth the risk.

My other love is named Wi-fi!! J was teasing me the other night because she said 5 years ago I had never even heard of it! Maybe so, but I know about it now!! My Wi-FI, ahhhh…. I love Facebook. What the heck is so darn addicting about those status updates anyway? Why do I care that some friend I haven’t seen since high school is taking her kids to the zoo or some co-worker is headed to lunch with his mother-in-law?!! But I do! I love Scrabble. I love my little farm that I tend to every morning and the cars I park every evening. I love checking out people’s pictures and the comments my friends make to other people. Amazingly, a lot of the people I barely knew I have learned a lot about simply by keeping up with Facebook. Another fact, a lot of people I know just as a teacher or neighbor… are darn funny and have a lot of common interests with me.

There is also gmail chat. It is much faster and reliable than Facebook…. Although Skip seems to like FB chat more. Plus my Blog, who knew I would love keeping a blog as much as I do? …. And other people’s Blog’s…. I do love to keep up with them too. I am so glad Megamom taught me about blogs!!

There was a Facebook button I read once that said…. “I love my computer because all my friends live there.” I know exactly how they feel!! :)

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  1. That is GREAT!! I am often accused of having an affair with my laptop. My husband has threatened to smash it, run it over, and pitch it out the window. It must be nice to be in such an open relationship!! :)