Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Kid Update...

Dori is off to Yosemite. She was very excited to get to take a plane all the way to California. It is her first time flying. She went with her church group on a pilgrimage for 10 days. Hiking, site seeing, lots of activities planned... I can't wait to hear what a great time she has. I hope she takes lots of pictures!! btw.... she was excited to go EVEN knowing she would have NO phone, NO TV, NO internet.... and it would be very outdoorsy. I am very proud that she is so willing to try new things. She really is growing up.

Talked to Kiwi.... she is settling in at home in Germany. She is bored because lots of her friends are still in school and I guess it is raining a lot there. Hard to believe because it is so sunny and nice here every day. She sent Pete a package for his birthday. He beamed when he saw who it was from. He wants to send her the toothbrush she forgot. I think he was worried that they didn't sell them in Germany!! (In his defense, Kiwi did talk a lot about what things were not available in Germany... like Mountain Dew and Kraft Mac and Cheese)

Went to the library today with Pepper, Macy, Pete and Dill..... the kids got joke and riddle books. As a teacher I see the benefit of getting kids interested in reading... but driving home was challenging. How many times can three kids continually say "Mom, Mom, you gotta hear this one!!" No, really, I don't. Doesn't anyone write NEW joke books for kids anymore? The Garfield joke book that Dill was reading was available when I was in elementary school! And seriously... the chicken crossed the road ones and the "orange ya glad I didn't say banana" ... I think cavemen invented those!

Just to share the wealth... Why did the girl put sugar on her pillow? She wanted to have sweet dreams.

Told you they were oldies!! :)

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