Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dori Doesn't Drive...

Dori learned an important lesson last week. Driving is a powerful activity. I told her my Dad always said that a person was not a good driver until they had an accident. Then they realize the power and responsibility that driving a car entails. Dori and Pete were driving to Dad B and Dad D's for dinner to celebrate Dill's birthday and she ran into the back of a car turning left in her lane. No one was hurt so that was a blessing. The car looks pretty bad and may be totaled... Dori has learned to be a much more serious and much less cocky driver. Pete says he'll ride in the backseat from now until he becomes a driver. (He had a bloody nose and lots of bruising on his face from the airbag) Sometimes it is sooo hard to be a parent. Sometimes life lessons are sooo hard.

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