Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow Day, Please!!

One of the benefits of attending school in the northern part of the United States is… SNOW DAYS!! This is not just for the students either…. Teachers and staff also look forward to the occasional unplanned day off. When we got hit Thursday afternoon with our biggest snowfall yet this year it got everyone’s hopes up at my house. Coming home from work on Thursday was a bit treacherous… and my feet were soaked and cold from scraping my windows clean… but there was a warmth in my heart thinking about a possible 3 day weekend.

Rituals about getting a snow day abound around here. When snow starts to fly all the kids discuss wearing their pajama’s inside out, putting a spoon under their pillows, flushing ice cubes down the toilet and taping white crayons to the window to help encourage the occurrence. Dori , Star and Macy just hope real hard and talk about the day as if they already know it will be a snow day. Dill wore his pj’s inside out AND backwards trying to double the chances for the snow day. Pete decided, without telling us, that he thought the best way to insure a snow day was to NOT do his homework. When we had to wake him up this morning, he was shocked. He could not believe that school was not cancelled. Then he was mad… at the weather people, the school people and Pepper for making him go to school. Then he burst into tears…. Partly because he stayed up to late watching the snowflakes fall and partly because his ritual let him down.

My ritual is staying up to late to watch late night news to see what schools around us have already closed. This is not a problem when we really do have our school cancelled and I can sleep in… however between just getting back into the school routine after 2 weeks off for Christmas, a new puppy who takes many potty breaks in the night and NOT getting the day off today…my day was probably as rough as Pete’s!!

BTW… to all the friends that commented on my Facebook status that they DID get the day off… all I can say is :P!!

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  1. I was sure my not bringing home my charger would have done it. Here's hoping for a bitter cold day on Monday? Do your kids have any good rituals for THAT one? :)