Sunday, January 3, 2010

Humor in the nursing home...

While we were visiting GG she was telling us about friends that she had in the nursing home. One of the hazards of being in a nursing home seems to be that saying "good bye" to someone could be more permanent than a person would expect. Since GG's friends are all well into their 90's they take saying good bye to each other quite seriously. On Christmas GG went for the day to my cousin's house. Her good friend of many years had family visit the night before and was staying in the home to rest. Before GG left she said good bye to her friend.... the friend said, "If I get to the pearlie gate before you I will leave the key under the mat for you". GG told me that her friend died on Christmas while she was gone. These kinds of situations make me uncomfortable because I never know the "right" thing to say. I said, "Well Grandma, after you pick up that key make sure to feel the door to see how hot it is before you open it!" GG couldn't help but laugh.

GG was telling us about another woman in the nursing home. Her goal was to live to be 100 years old. I asked how old she was now, GG answered, "She is 99... she will be 100 next month, but she is as spry as a 70 year old!!" :)

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