Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kirby Update

This is a picture of Kirby right after a bath. She dries up very beautifully... although I love the wet dog look too!! She is growing quickly she will be 13 weeks old tomorrow. We have been working hard on the potty training.... she does pretty good but accidents are definitely still pretty frequent. She loves playing out in the snow and is starting to get a little too brave and wanders away a little farther from me then I am comfortable with. Pepper picked up a 20 foot lead line today... I love it. She gets a little freedom but she can still be kept safe when she ventures to far.

She has been to the vet twice since we've gotten her. The vet was very impressed with how well behaved she was the first time we brought her in. He checked her all over and said he couldn't get enough of her puppy breath! This last time she was in the vet was amazed at her disposition. He said she is a great puppy. Very tolerant, easy going and happy.... even after 4 vaccines a nail trimming and getting her ears cleaned!! Of course, since we were writing him a big check at the time it might have influenced his opinion!! :D

Our cat, Kahlua is becoming more accepting of the puppy. I wouldn't say they love each other... but this is pretty good... :)

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  1. Man I've missed a ton of posts! You are a blog maniac! My hero!! Kirby rocks. What a good dog!! :) Thanks for sharing her with Clara!