Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My favorite Season

This morning Pepper asked a question and I answered it badly. We had just had an argument with Dori, who was mad at Macy because she did not wake her up for school (even though she has THREE alarm clocks in her room) so things had been tense, but were calming down. Everyone except Dill had left the house for school. (Two on the bus and one walking...) Dill, Pepper and I were sitting at the table eating breakfast. Usually Pepper makes breakfast, but this morning, I did. Dill mentioned how much he liked the eggs... how they were just the way he liked them. Pepper commented that yes, they were very good and then asked, "What do you even see in me?!" Now I have lots of really good answers to that question... so I have no idea why I said what I said. I knew she was feeling stressed because Dori always finds a way to blame Pepper for any hardship in her life... and Pepper always feels hurt after their arguments and wonders how the situation could have turned out better. In my head I was thinking... its a poached egg. It tastes pretty much the same as every morning. And every morning (other than this morning) Pepper makes them. I always love coming into the kitchen smelling freshly brewed coffee and breakfast waiting at the table for me. So I was thinking of that and not really what Pepper wanted to hear when I answered. I really did have lots of better answers.

What I should have said, I thought of later. Dill was on his bus and the two of us were playing with Kaluha and Kirby. We were all cuddled up with the cat and dog enjoying our day off. Pepper asked me what I was thinking, and I thought for a second. I had been thinking about her and this blog.... so I said, "my favorite season" (Meaning Pepper...cuz that's what I call her and pepper is a seasoning... wasn't I clever?!) She said, "Oh, like summer or fall?" I said, no. With barely a seconds hesitation she said... "Oh you mean like MATING season?" I laughed so hard, I scared both the cat and the dog and almost fell off the bed!

I see a lot of great things in my favorite seasoning ingredient. After so long together... what I like best about Pepper is she can still surprise me. She can make me laugh and makes my life better. Oh, and it is a bonus that she doesn't stay mad at me when I say something lame! :)

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