Friday, February 19, 2010

Remember kindergarten?

I remember a little bit from kindergarten. I remember my teacher, Mrs. Kibbler. A very tall woman. I remember my table was right in front of a window that looked out onto the parking lot. I remember doing lots of cutting and coloring and learning to write my name, my address and my phone number. I also remember Mrs. Kibbler telling me to sit on my hands a lot. I do not remember why. I must have been a touchy-feely type of kid. Mrs. Kibbler always told the boy that sat next to me to put his hand over his mouth... so I always thought I was lucky that I just had to sit on my hands.

There did not seem to be a lot of problems back then. I remember coming into the school one day and the window had been broken... that had been the worst thing that happened.

Now that I am back in kindergarten... as a staff member it amazes me what kindergarteners today are having to deal with. The 'Wordle' below are just things that I have dealt with or been involved in with this year's kindergarteners... and its only February. Every day we hear how bad our economy is.... it trickles all the way down to our youngest citizens. Its sad that being a kinderartener today is nothing like what it was like for me.....

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  1. I am impressed with your "wordle" those things are cool. :)