Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cutting of the clothes

Coming into the emergency room as a trauma patient means your clothes get cut off. Dori learned this week that the ER staff don't even try to save the clothes. Her leather jacket and favorite jeans were split in two as they removed from her body. As the shirt was slit off, Dori said "Don't cut the bra!"

The man holding the scissors said, "Sorry, everything goes."

Dori looked at him and the other nurses around the stretcher and said. "This is a $40 bra and it is my favorite. You can cut everything, but NOT the bra!!"

Apparently, she had a very stern look or the female nurses around the stretcher had favorite bra's too.... but those scissors never came close to the bra. Dori has it safe and sound in her "My possessions" bag waiting for her discharge from the hospital. :)

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