Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Motorcycle Crash

Currently, I am sitting in a hospital room in Virginia. Dori and Uncle K were in an accident on the 4th day of their 5 day graduation motorcycle trip. Dori has had an up and down day. The pain and meds she has each playing a role in her emotions. I have had an up and down day too. I was super charged to drive the 9+ hours to get to the hospital because I knew she was scared and lonely, waiting for us to show up. Dad D and I took off about 11 PM on Monday night and drove through the night and got to Dori before 8 AM. The hospital social worker thought we made excellent time. (My mom used to say that was “professional driver” talk for sped all the way) The day has worn on. It felt like 8 PM at Noon. I am tired and cranky myself but I try to be positive and not feel the ache in my neck as I rub her hair while she cries about the pain in her foot.

Dori has broken toes, a banged up knee and an impressive road rash on her face and backside. Uncle K was not so lucky. He has broken his leg in 3 places, a broken hip and pelvis. He punctured his lung and broken many bones in his face. He is intubated and has a cranial hemorrhage. He is not conscious. They want to operate on his hemorrhage but can’t because of his blood levels. Hopefully, tomorrow they can operate and K will heal as quickly as possible.

The story has changed a bit as we gather more of the story from the driver’s, witnesses and crash evaluation team. A deer ran into the road. Everyone agrees he came out of nowhere. A truck with the trailer slammed on his brakes when he hit the animal the trailer swayed and slammed into the motorcycle while it was in the slow lane. Dori was somehow tossed from the bike but Uncle K could not get free. He was dragged with the bike and trailer for several hundreds of feet before he could break free.

Looking at pictures of the wrecked bike it is obvious that Dori should not be in as good of shape that she is in. One of the things Dori said she asked Uncle K when they first started riding together was what she should do if there was a problem. He said, “I’ll deal with it. I might push you in a direction or even throw you off… but I’ll keep you safe.”

People can’t figure out how Dori flew free of the bike before the major damage was done. I can’t prove it, but I am pretty sure Uncle K helped her guardian angel and gave Dori a push to keep her from the full impact of the crash. I really hate that this accident happened but I am not sorry I let K take Dori on this ride. I know he protected her and he did what anyone that loves her would have done. I am grateful for the knowledge that he loves my kids that much…. And pray that he will be as unscathed as Dori will be from this accident. ☺

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