Sunday, August 28, 2011

Heading to College

Great news! Dori was released from the hospital late Thursday and Dad D and I drove her home and got back early Friday morning.

Saturday we kept to Dori's plan and moved her into her dorm in the morning. The whole family went to the school and helped move everything in. She had a room change so that she was on the first floor and has a more accessible bathroom while she hobbles around with her removable leg cast. We helped move everything in and tried to help her make it look homey.

We met up with Pepper's parents and brother and all took her out to lunch. Then we drove back to her room. It was a little hard to leave her there. She looked little sitting in her wheelchair but also looked determined and impatient for us to head out too.

I sent her a text before I went to bed last night and she said she was feeling a bit lonely but was keeping busy. This morning, her message after church said she was not doing well. She felt self-conscious and not sure who or how to talk to in her new dorm.

I reminded her about my 'secret to being successful at college' and told her to keep trying. She seems to be doing ok today and will have lots of Freshmen activities to do tomorrow which should help her get to know more people. I think she will do great at school..... needing time for adjustment is normal when starting something new. :)

*Secret for success.... it is not just doing the classwork that makes one successful at college. Most people have no trouble with the required work in the classroom. It is 1) being able to connect with other people, even if they are different than you 2)be able to deal with all the red tape, non-sense stuff (like financial aid and registering for classes) and 3) believe that you belong there.

I sure am proud of her..... I will post updates on how well she is doing! :)

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