Monday, August 8, 2011

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

There are probably about a dozen things I can say I really regret that I’ve done in my life. Most of poor choices I made I can at least say I learned from. These include making one of my best friends in high school cry because of something I did, ignoring my mom when she asked me not to leave her alone to go see a movie and not standing up stronger for a friend in college that was struggling.

Other big ones: breaking into my elementary school because I wanted to play “teacher” the summer after 6th grade. I was arrested…. On Father’s Day… by far, not my brightest moment. Then there was the time I out ran a state trouper because a friend would not get her head… and upper torso… down out of my open sunroof and I could not afford {another} ticket. Disclaimer: This is not recommended and only worked because I zipped off the expressway into a neighborhood I was much more familiar with then he was…. And it was dark.

Most recently I regret letting my sister and Dori put mirrors all over the walls of her room. Several years ago, when we first moved into the house and my sister wanted to pay to decorate their rooms I thought it was great.

This week: not so much.

Pepper and I are now trying to take down all the mirrors (Pete is going into this room after Dori heads to college and we couldn’t get him to say he’d keep the FORTY mirrors that decorated the room!)

Redecorating in August is never recommended…. Especially in an old house without a/c. It is about 103 degrees in the upstairs bedrooms. Plus because we are taking off sharp pieces of glass, gloves and thick shoes add to the hotness. But we are working under a time crunch because KC (our new exchange student) is coming soon and we’d like the rooms done before she gets here.

All this hotness is actually the reason I am blogging this…. Avoiding. Pepper is ready to head back up and work on Dori’s room more, but as long as I keep typing I can get out of it. I am trying to look very studious and pretend I don’t notice that she wants me to come help. [sigh] She isn’t going to be patient much more…. I guess I better get back to work before I regret something else! ☺

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