Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Band Shirt

Pete does not need to wear his official band shirt very often. For football games and for parades mostly. For all the other events... Holiday concerts, competitions etc, they wear dress shirts. So when Pete had his band shirt on the other day for a school event, it was the first we'd seen it in a long time.

Pepper noticed a stain across his shoulder about 6 inches long and asked what it was.

Pete: "Oh, Tom (name changed to protect the trombone player) emptied his spit valve on me."

Pepper: "When? You haven't even worn that shirt in months!"

Pete: "Ummm... the last football game."

Pepper: "That was months ago!! Haven't you washed the shirt since then?!!"

Pete: "No, but I sprayed it with cologne... it smells fine." :)

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