Monday, May 14, 2012

What do you think of me NOW? Part 2.

Ok, a follow up to the post 2 days ago about the little girl who remembered that I told her she was acting mature…..

I was doing kindergarten registration and noticed a woman that looked familiar with a young boy. Since I’ve been in the same district close to 20 years it is not surprising that I see familiar faces. But this woman sort of smiled at me and kept watching me as I was doing things in the room so I said to her, “You sure look familiar to me. Do you have an older child that came to this school?”

She said,  “No, actually you were MY teacher.”

Still unsurprised I said, “Did I work with you in the middle school or high school?” (I have run into kids I’ve worked with before at these levels)

“No, you worked with me when I was in kindergarten.”

I suddenly felt very, VERY mature. My kindergarteners are now coming back with kindergarteners!! Oy!

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  1. Wait until they bring their grandkids! :)