Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Weight For it!

In school the other day, Dill’s class was talking about the average weight of an American 4th grader. It turns out that he weighs more than anyone else in his class. He is by no means heavy looking. Since he swims and plays football he is quite thin and muscular. He is also tall for his age and does not like sweets. He is very proportional. Apparently the average 4th grader weighs between 61 and 70 pounds. Dill weighs just over 80. He was stressed out about it when his brother and sister told him that muscle weighs more than fat… so he felt a little better.

He was distraught however when he went to the doctor’s office later that same day and he stepped on the scale. Their scale read 40. Dill’s eyes about bulged out when he thought he had lost 40 pounds on his bus ride home! We made him feel a little better when we explained that the doctor’s scale was in kilograms! The doctor made him feel lots better when she said his weight was perfect. :)

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