Saturday, February 21, 2009

Friendly Strangers

I've had a great day. Our drive up to Traverse City yesterday was relaxing and unrushed. It seemed so much quicker without an RV attached or kids in the backseat!! Talked to Dad D this morning and he said the kids are doing great-- that makes me happy. Pepper and I worked out this morning on the treadmill so I started the day feeling proud of myself. We went to breakfast with a coupon from our hotel. It was for 4 free meals and there was only the two of us. I heard the couple behind us talking to their kids about what they could order and how much things cost. It was a conversation I've had with my own kids. Pepper and I decided to give our other 2 free meals to them. We called the waitress over while the family were all up at the buffet and told her our plan. She said, "Sure, you can do that! Do you know them?" I said, "Nope." She launched into this story about the other day... she was waiting an a woman who said she really liked the waitresses earrings. The waitress responded to the woman saying, "Thank you! I noticed your necklace... it is very beautiful." When the women left the restaurant she left the necklace behind with the tip for the waitress. She had been very touched by the gesture. She brought us our bill with the extra meals on it and we left our coupon and the tip for the 4 meals. On our way out, I heard the waitress tell the family behind us, "So did that couple tell you what they did? Well,...." We slipped away before the family knew what we did, but it is amazing how happy the simple gesture made both Pepper and I feel.

We headed out for the local wineries. There were 6 we wanted to visit today. We went up to the most northern one and decided to work our way back to the south (the opposite way that most people go) The first one was very quiet until we were there about 10 minutes, then a large group came in. The cashier was having a rough day... he dropped and broke a bottle of wine, couldn't find his glasses and was too distracted to remember codes for the wine we were purchasing. We noticed another couple waiting patiently behind us and smiled at each other as we passed by. At the next winery the same couple came in and we started a conversation with them. By the third winery we were a party of 4 and we were like old friends. Jason and Stephanie were from Bay City and we followed each other to the different places. We joked about our palates and the different wine names... we all had a great time. At the last winery, Stephanie and Jason invited us to dinner with them. We already had reservations and really wanted to just spend the evening alone, so we said thank you but no. How great though that we met so many new people that touched our lives in such positive ways. What a great trip! :)

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  1. I think we are linked some how! Last night I took Ricky to the movies, and a group of teenage boys was trying to figure out how to get popcorn and drinks with the money they had left since the 3D movie cost two extra bucks, I had extra coupons so I passed them over to them. It's nice to do random nice things for people! Sounds like you are having a fabulous time, and I'm impressed at your ability to blog while on vacation! :)