Monday, February 2, 2009

Secrets Revealed...

In the car yesterday the kids asked me to tell them their secret identities for this blog and how I came up with them. I realized I had difficulty recalling how I came up with the nicknames so I thought I should put it down so I won't forget next time they ask. Kiwi was already nicknamed by her sport team friends in Germany. Kiwi fit better on her jersey then her actual name. Dori is after the fish on Finding Nemo. Mainly because Dori is also a big swimmer but a smidge because my Dori can keep talking even when she has nothing to say just like Ellen's Dori in the movie! Macy wanted to be named after her two favorite foods... mac and cheese and McDonald's and I wanted it to be more feminine then "Mac". Pete was so named because he said his favorite food was pizza and I wanted to keep all the names 4 letters (fewer key strokes!!) and Dill because he loves Dill Pickles. He even got them in his Easter basket last year because "the Bunny" knew he didn't like chocolate! 

I haven't let any of the kids read my blog yet, but they keep asking. I think Dori thinks I am saying horrid, mean things about her. The other kids are probably just wondering why I write stuff on purpose when they do not really enjoy writing in their school journals. I don't know when they will finally read this but I hope they like the things I've said and know how important they all are to me. I love them all very much.

:)  Thanks for reading.

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