Sunday, February 8, 2009

Snake Burial

Dill handled the snake funeral very well. All the kids helped dig a small hole in the backyard and we found a ziplock bag box to bury the snake in. I really appreciate pets that die when the ground is not frozen! At least our recent warm up meant that most of the snow was melted. The kids all gathered around the little hole and Dill put the box in the hole. It was no where near deep enough. So we dug a bit deeper and mashed the box down a bit to make it fit. The kids all hummed a little song while I covered the box with dirt. (I think the song was the theme song from Star Wars... but the kids thought it was fitting) As we walked back into the house Dill walked between Pepper and I. As we got close to the house, Dill asked "Think I could get a lizard next?" I guess he's over the loss! Kids!!!!

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