Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pinky, Pointer, Thumb...

Every morning things get a bit hectic trying to get out the door for the bus. The girls bus comes early and they are usually able to get ready and get through the morning routine pretty well on their own (meaning not miss the bus!) The boys still need reminders.... eat breakfast, pick up your dishes, where are your gloves, find your shoes, do you have your homework and backpack? These are all familiar sayings at our house every school morning. We also remind them every morning to brush their teeth. I do not understand children.... mine will spend more time hiding and arguing and avoiding brushing their teeth then it actually takes to just do it! Then they leave the bathroom lights on... just to drive me crazy!! And why do I insist on it? Every morning they leave globs of old toothpaste in the sink that I have to remind them to clean up... I should just stop telling them to brush... it'd save me so much trouble and aggravation!! The mother in me just can't do it!

So finally, the boys are dressed, the shoes are in the backpack, homework is found, sink is cleaned, lights are off, dishes are in the dishwasher, lunches are packed and Pepper and Dill and Pete and I all pile into the car to take them to their bus stop. It is a quick 2 minute drive to the neighbors house to catch the bus. The boys then pile out of the car with reminders from us to grab their backpacks and their snacks. Then every morning, Dill looks back at us in the car and sticks up his little gloved hand with just the pinky, pointer and thumb in the air. The sign for "I love you" we taught him almost before he could talk. He waits for both Pepper and I to return the sign then he blows each of us a kiss before running to catch up to his brother. Do I love hectic mornings? Nope. Does it drive me crazy that I have to repeat myself day in and day out? yep! Will I miss these special morning rituals when Dill grows up enough to decide he is to big to blow us kisses and sign that he loves us? Big time! It really is the little things in life that make the biggest difference. <3

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  1. I sometimes am tempted to let my boys go without brushing their teeth just to see how long it would take them to start doing it again, but I am afraid that they would just let their teeth rot out of their skull and then feel they had won! (No teeth = No brushing!) The little things are what makes life better. Such a sweet post! :)