Friday, February 6, 2009

The one handed someone

This morning Dill could not find his gloves. Since every morning the temperature starts with "negative" something Pepper and I have been monitoring carefully that the boys have gloves, hat, zipped coat, etc before heading to the bus stop. This is the second day in a row he has lost them. Yesterday he had red gloves.... he could only find one. So Pepper gave him a new pair, black ones this time. This morning he had one black glove and one red glove.... both for the same hand. I asked, "Where are you leaving your gloves?!" Dill said someone is taking them. This is a common excuse in our house. Of course, it could not be the person that cannot find something's fault.... SOMEone must have moved, taken, borrowed, hid or misplaced it. I said, "Who? Pete has his gloves!" (Pete was at that moment frantically searching for his coat... he said Macy must have taken it out of the closet without telling him.... yeah, right!!) Very seriously, Dill said "There is someone (oh, no... him again!!) at school taking my gloves." Immediately I responded, "I know EXACTLY who it was.... who is that kid in your class with only one hand?" Dill thought about it and said, "No one, everybody has two hands in my class." Shouldn't my children have a really good grasp of sarcasm since they live with me?!! We found a pair of gloves for him.... I wonder if the one handed someone likes blue gloves too. :)

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