Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The 'Kooshy' Meet

I really enjoy watching the kids swim in club meets. They are all spread out in the age groups so there is almost always one of our kids in the water to watch. (One benefit of having lots of kids I guess!!) Kiwi and I were timers and Pepper was helping on the computer so our family was well represented. They usually give heat ribbons out to the first place person in each heat, but we ran out of ribbons so instead the kids all got colorful koosh balls for winning. They were definitely a hit and the kids all pushed extra hard trying to get one. Dill ended up with two heat winner koosh balls, Pete got three and Macy, Dori and Kiwi all got one for their efforts at the pool. The ride home was very 'kooshy'!! Some of the kooshes were shaped like donuts so a group of kids and I were playing with them while I waited for my boys to get out of the locker room. I stretched one out and put it on my head like a sweat band... of course all the kids in the area did too. The coach came by laughing and said I must be very secure with myself to pull off the new look!! Since I really need a haircut and dye job... the pink hairy koosh was probably a step up!! :)

Our team won by one point... and everyone had pizza afterward. Its been a hectic couple of days, so this fun family event was just what I needed. :)

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