Sunday, May 10, 2009

Busy Saturday

Some days are just filled with lots of things and trying to choose only one thing to blog about becomes difficult. Today was prom for Kiwi and Xed. They were very excited and spent hours getting ready. We took lots of pictures of them and they said they had a wonderful time. Xed mentioned that in her country, the parents are expected to attend with the kids. Dori thought that was a horrible idea but I thought it sounded reasonable!

It was also Dad D's niece's wedding, so Dill, Pete and Macy went to the wedding and reception. Dori, Pepper and I went to the church Chili Cook off fund raiser for the youth group. It was fun. My chili won first place in the 'mild/baby' category and Skip's chili won best over-all chili. Another guy at our table won best 'hot' chili... so our table was full of certificates made by Skip's son.

I also had a couple of minutes to open up the RV. Camping season is right around the corner so I thought I would assess what needs to be organized, cleaned, fixed and taken care of before our first trip. I have quite a bit to do!

This afternoon, I heard from an old classmate who told me about my third grade teacher. She was very young in 1976 when I had her as a teacher. She was tall and thin and looked like a Barbie Doll, I remember she had a very pretty smile. She helped me write a letter for my Grandfather's funeral. (It is a tradition in my family that a letter from loved ones are written and then sealed into the coffin) I think my letter was something like: "I am sorry you died. It makes my Dad very sad. I hope you get to go to heaven, Ilene" She thought it was a very good letter.

Mrs. Blessing had been dealing with MS for many years. Her husband went out to go shopping and a fire broke out in her home. She was too weak to get out on her own. She died of smoke inhalation. It is hard to remember as far back as 1976, so I pulled out a class picture and she still looked like a beautiful Barbie Doll. Looking at the picture, seeing her smiling and all of us in our funky 1970's clothes I thought, "I am sorry you died. It makes me sad. I hope you are in heaven." I hope she still thinks its a good letter.

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