Monday, May 25, 2009

Rifle River... Day 1

I think camping is something you really have to start as a child. It really is a lot of work. In fact it can be a down-right pain in the ass. Packing the RV, driving through traffic, finding a site, parking it backwards between trees, setting it up, getting it organized and live-able… all just for a long weekend….

That said- I am having a wonderful time.

Pepper and I brought 8 kids. We thought it would be 10 kids but Macy and Pete’s friends backed out and couldn’t come. But there are definitely enough kids around to keep them all busy. We met Jay and her family up here and each of her kids brought a friend, plus Jay brought her niece. We are definitely a kid rich group!! The traffic wasn’t too bad and the weather was perfect for setting up… not too cold and not too hot. The kids have forgotten the routine of whining and complaining about what I need them to do and were as excited as me to be camping so things went smoothly getting it all ready. In the first four hours, all the kids hiked the woods, swam in the pool, sat in the hot tub, took bike rides, had a pillow fight, gathered wood and played ladder golf.

We had sloppy joe’s for dinner… which all the kids said were the best ever…. Since it was just hamburger and off-brand Manwich sauce I think it was the atmosphere and not the taste that really made them great. Xed and Kiwi have never had cattails and rarely ever get to make s’mores… so the campfire in the evening was a definite hit. 4 of the 8 kids stayed in the tent all night… which is 4 more than I expected!

This morning there is a soft rain on the camper roof. I can hear Dill and Pepper breathing beside me and we all have a slight campfire scent that is mixing with the smell of clean sheets. I am going to get up and supervise Pete cook the bacon and Xed and Kiwi make pancakes with chocolate Hershey bar that is really supposed to be for tonight’s s’mores. Everyone will say they are the best ever….

It doesn’t get much better than this. ☺

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