Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Just Desserts

We went to Dori and Kiwi's Tennis Banquet last night after school. The kids said it was a potluck and we had to bring a dessert. We ran to Sam's Club to pick up some donuts and cookies. Then ran home, picked up all the kids and headed out. When we got there... it was ALL desserts! At first the kids asked where all the REAL food was. They all looked a little dazed and confused about what they should do. Once we said that dinner was just gonna be dessert tonight the kids all got right into the spirit. Even Dill, who is not a dessert fan looked gleeful at the idea of a dessert only meal. I was very amused that all the kids took fruit and had to show me they did.... like a cube of melon and 3 grapes would balance the brownie, 2 cookies, donut, cake and slice of pie they also took!

The coaches had nice things to say and the team seemed like a nice group of girls (that is code for they were no where near first place finishers!!) It was a very nice evening for all of us and no one asked for a treat when we got home..... guess they all thought I would tell them they had to eat spinach or broccoli!! :)

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