Friday, May 15, 2009

Going Camping!!

I am ready to go camping. Every year around this time I get very excited and start looking forward to our summer trips. I have already put the hitch in the truck and moved the RV into its ‘summer’ spot in the driveway. I have started organizing and fixing up little things and will probably do heavy-duty cleaning this weekend. Jay and I usually plan our summer trips right after Christmas. It drives Pepper crazy because it is usually freezing and snowing and we are checking our calendars for all of our camping outings. Pepper panics if the trips start too early in the spring or go a little too long into the fall. I don’t understand why….... We have heat and hot water. What else do you need?!

We do not usually go anywhere over the Memorial Day weekend because the traffic heading north is horrid! But this year, we have Friday and Monday off from school…. That just screams: “go camping!” So, I planned a trip and told Jay to get her trailer ready too. I knew all the kids would ask to bring a friend, so in a weak moment Pepper and I told all the kids that they each bring one friend. That means 10 kids. I wish I felt worried about feeding that many kids or that they won’t get along…. But I am just so dang happy that we are going camping I am not worried at all. It may work really well….. none of our kids could complain that they are bored, they each have someone to do things with the whole time.

I am sure I will at least have lots of stories to blog about after this trip!! Campfires, s’mores, long walks in the woods, looking up at the stars, swimming, playing in the river, relaxing while the kids play peacefully…. Doesn’t it sound like fun? Wish us luck! ☺

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  1. You must have a really big camper in order to fit ten kids in it! I am quite sure you will have LOTS to blog about! No wonder Pepper and I get along. She sounds like me! :)